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Dr Mohammed Manzoor

DR Mohammed Manzoor

Founder & CEO

Dr Mohammed Manzoor, the founder and owner of Al Muqtadir Jewellery Group of  businesses, is excited to announce the opening of their new hallmarking center. He has always been committed to providing customers with only the highest quality products and ensuring that every piece they produce meets the industry’s highest standards of excellence. With the opening of Al Hakam, it demonstrates their unwavering dedication to quality assurance and authenticity.

Al Hakam is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with experts who are highly skilled in the process of verifying the quality of precious metals and stones used in jewellery production. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that every piece they purchase has been thoroughly inspected and verified to meet the highest industry standards.

Mohammed Manzoor is a highly respected figure in the jewellery industry and has built a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction. He believes that every customer has the right to know exactly what they are purchasing, and this new hallmarking center is just one of the many ways showing commitment to transparency and honesty.

We invite you to explore Al Hakam Hallmaking & Assaying Center and trust in their commitment to quality and authenticity.

Our Vision


The Vision of Al- Hakkam Hallmark Center would be to serve as a hub for promoting the craftsmanship and authenticity of precious metal objects. We aim to educate and inspire visitors on the art and science of hallmarking and assaying, as well as the cultural and historical significance of precious metals.We would strive to be a leader in research and development of hallmarking and assaying practices, and work to maintain and improve quality standards for the industry.

Our Mission


The mission of a Al-Hakkam Hallmark Center is to establish and maintain the highest standards of quality and authenticity in the production, trade, and use of gold. The center will provide expert services for testing and certifying the purity of gold jewelry, coins, and medallions, and will work to promote ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.Also to ensure that gold objects continue to be valued and cherished for generations to come, and that consumers have access to high-quality, authentic, and responsibly-sourced gold products.

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying Genuine Jewellery in India

Hallmarking is a process of verifying the purity of precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum used in jewellery production. In India, gold jewellery hallmarking is regulated by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and is mandatory for all gold jewellery sold in the country. The hallmark on a gold jewellery piece serves as an assurance of its purity and authenticity.

Hallmarking is important for several reasons. First, it ensures that the jewelry being sold is of high quality and purity. The hallmarking process involves testing the metal for its purity, which helps to identify any impurities or alloys that may have been added to the metal. This ensures that the jewelry being sold is genuine and not counterfeit.

Hallmarking provides valuable information to buyers about the quality and purity of the metal used in the jewellery. The hallmarking process involves applying a set of markings that provide information about the metal, such as its purity, the name of the jeweler who made or sold the jewelry, and the BIS certification mark. This information helps buyers make informed decisions about the jewellery they are purchasing.

Hallmarking helps to promote trust and confidence in the jewellery industry. By ensuring that all gold and silver jewelry sold in India is certified by BIS, hallmarking helps to eliminate fraud and counterfeit jewelry from the market.

The hallmarking process in India involves several steps. First, the jewellery is tested for its purity by a BIS-certified Hallmarking center. The Hallmarking center uses advanced testing methods, such as X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry, to determine the purity of the metal. Once the metal has been tested for its purity, a set of markings is applied to the jewelry.

The set of markings applied to the jewelry includes the BIS certification mark, which indicates that the jewelry meets the prescribed standards of purity and quality set by BIS. The BIS certification mark is followed by the purity mark, which indicates the purity of the metal used in the jewelry. The purity mark is followed by the jeweler’s identification mark, which is a unique identification mark of the jeweler who made or sold the jewelry. Finally, the set of markings ends with the hallmark, which is a national mark that indicates the purity of the metal used in the jewelry.

By complying with BIS standards for hallmarking, jewellers can demonstrate their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It also helps to differentiate genuine jewellers from those who sell counterfeit jewellery.


What We Do


A hallmark is a mark or stamp that is applied to an item made of precious metal to certify its purity. We use sophisticated equipment to test the metal and determine its purity level. Once the metal has been tested, a hallmark is stamped onto the item to indicate its purity level.


Assaying is the process of analyzing the composition of precious metals to determine their purity and quality. We use a variety of techniques, including fire assay, X-ray fluorescence, and atomic absorption spectroscopy, to analyze the metal and determine its purity level.


Grading is the process of evaluating the quality of a precious metal item, taking into account factors such as its color, clarity, and weight. At Al Hakam, we use specialized equipment and trained professionals to evaluate the quality of a precious metal item and assign it a grade.


Al Hakam  provides an official document that verifies the authenticity and quality of a precious metal item which will include information such as the metal’s purity level, weight, and hallmark and jeweller’s mark